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Monday, November 2, 2009

Bitul Torah Keneged Kulam

In a Shiur by Rav Noach Weinberg "Don't let your past weigh you down" he talks about the meaning of Chet (Sin) except that he does not like the translation sin. He says that a Chet is a mistake. We all know that we have to correct a mistake. Rav Weinberg says that we should look at the source of our mistakes and the most important one is Bitul Torah, not occupying ourselves with Torah. He says that every minute of our day can be filled with learning. We can be reviewing the six constant Mitzvot, going over common prayers (like bentching) and thinking about what the words mean, or reviewing what we have learned that day. He says that if we do this we will find ourselves connecting to Hashem on a much deeper lever, we will have much more energy, and it will keep us from making mistakes in the future.

Rav Weinberg says that just like "Talmud Torah Keneged Kulam" learning Torah leads to the other Mitzvot, "Bitul Torah Keneged Kulam" not learning Torah leads to all the other avierot.

If we nurish ourselves with Torah we do not need to stuff ourselves with food.

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