Sanctify yourself through the permissible... Yevamos 20a

Divrei Torah to provide Chizuk in the struggle to balance spiritual and physical needs.

L'Iluei Nishmas Mirkah Bas Yosef

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A different view of troublesome events.

Once you realize that the purpose of the world-and your purpose as a player in it-is to attain perfection, you begin to notice Hashem's Hand in your life.  You begin to view troublesome events as challenges that will help you grow.  You no longer take the good for granted, you realize that Hashem is giving you tools with which to advance.  You cease to view events in your life as random occurrences.

from the Sefer-- The Six Constant Mitzvos  based on Lectures by Rabbi Yitzchack Berkowitz

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