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Divrei Torah to provide Chizuk in the struggle to balance spiritual and physical needs.

L'Iluei Nishmas Mirkah Bas Yosef

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One source for everything.

Rabbi Noach Weinberg tells the story of a young man who had a frightening accident and went over a cliff.  While hanging on for dear life he prayed and asked Hashem to save him.  He promised that if he was saved he will learn more about being Jewish.  This eventually led him to Aish HaTorah Yeshivah.

Rabbi Weinberg pointed out to him that not only did Hashem save him, he also caused him to go off the cliff, so that he would reach out and connect to Hashem.

In our lives, when things are difficult, we have to remember that there is only one source, and everything is for the best.

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